Friday, April 6, 2012

Moving my activities to Ben Cantrell's fish species blog

If you're reading this you're probably aware that I haven't been keeping up with this blog. I'm still very much involved with multi-species fishing, but most of my outings are no longer within the city limits of Madison. I have many fond memories of urban fishing, and I'm sure I'll go back to my favorite spots every now and then. However, I've found much more enjoyment getting away from it all to explore rivers and creeks, many of which hardly see other fishermen.

If you'd like to keep up with me, please check out Ben Cantrell's fish species blog.  My outings are a combination of hook & line angling, photography of netted and hand-caught fish, and photography of fish in the water.  The new blog will have a lot more photography than the old one.  The overarching theme is exploring the diverse species of fish around us, whether they be in our backyard or in other parts of the country and world.  All of the content will be my own - every picture will be taken by myself, and all of the posts will be written by me.  I hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Golden Shiner

+1 to my life list. Caught a golden shiner while canoeing in Lake Wingra.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

White bass

Spring is in the air, and the white bass are spawning in the Yahara! Went up to the river yesterday to see what was biting and found a big group of white bass that were more than willing to go after my lure. Used a small mepps spinner with a silver spoon. Also caught logperch, perch, largemouth bass, bluegill, and pumpkinseed. Great multi-species day!

The white bass came home for dinner. We did a fish fry with half of them, and the other half went in the freezer for a day when we get skunked.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coho salmon

Back for a surprise post! Visited my friend Terry in Milwaukee last weekend and managed to squeeze in some early morning fishing in between beer tastings, a movie, and a house warming party in honor of Terry's first house. It was a nice day in the city, but once we got out on the water it felt much colder. Coffee took a while to kick in. We trolled a half mile outside the harbor, and after about an hour pulled in a nice little coho salmon in about 50 feet of water. We were marking plenty of fish on the depth finder, so hopefully more were on the way! Unfortunately, the fishing slowed down as soon as the sun came out, and we didn't get another bite for several hours. Other boats were having similar luck as us, and one by one we watched them head out to deeper water. We didn't want to stay out all day, so we stayed by the harbor and made sweeps past the areas where we marked fish. Finally, after 3 hours of waiting, one more fish! Terry pulled this one in; it was slightly larger than mine. Didn't measure them but they were probably 20 inches, 5 lbs-ish. After pulling in the second fish, we put away our gear and headed in. +1 to my life list!

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Beginnings

Hi guys,

It has been a long time since I've posted. Yes, I'm still alive. And yes, I've been keeping up with your fishing blogs (for those of you on my blog list). It's been fun to read about all of your adventures!

I have good news on multiple fronts. First of all, I finished my long overdue master's degree and have begun work on my PhD. I had to give up pretty much all my hobbies during the last few months, but now I should have a bit more free time, at least on weekends, to get out and do some fishing. The other good news is that my back has been slowly but steadily improving. I've stopped taking pain killers all together. I do stability exercises every day and use a foam roller to keep my back and legs loose in order to keep the tension off my lower back. My replacement for ibuprofin is raw ginger root. If you have problems with inflammation, give it a try. Your mouth and throat will feel like they're on fire, but it really helps.

Yesterday I made it out on my first fishing trip of the season. I traveled over to Milwaukee and went out on Lake Michigan with Terry. We trolled for salmon and trout, but didn't get any hits. It was still a great day nonetheless. I meant to take pictures, but my camera battery was dead right off the bat.

More posts to come soon!